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A Hybrid model for 3D Simulations of Sprouting Angiogenesis

Shapes and the origin of life: orvie2008_Dou.p5.pdf

Folded Leaf Shape: Leaf_Shape_PO.pdf

A method for a mid-scale analysis of loop patterns: Perna_PRE1.pdf
Tissue tectonics: morphogenetic strain rates, cell shape change and intercalation:

An auxin-driven polarized transport model for phyllotaxis: J├Ânsson et al PNAS 2006.pdf

Developmental patterning by mechanical signals in Arabidopsis: Hamant et al Science 2008.pdf

Supplement to Developmental patterning by mechanical signals...: Hamant et al Science 2008 Suppl.pdf

Discrete shells, Grinspun et al. 2003 :
Triangular springs for modeling nonlinear membranes, Delingette 2008 :
A level set approach for computing solutions to incompressible two-phase flow, Sussman et al. 1994:

Turning a plant tissue into a living cell froth through isotropic growth, Corson et al. 2009

Modeling cell rheology with the Subcellular Element Model:
Stochastic process semantic for dynamical grammars:
In silico leaf venation networks : growth and reorganisation driven by mechanical forces

Self-similar structures near boundaries in strained systems

Mechanical Forces of Fission Yeast Growth , SI

Computational Morphodynamics: a modeling framework to understand plant growth; submitted to Annual Review of Plant Biology

A variational level set approach to multiphase motion,
A multiphase level set framework for image segmentation using the Mumford and Shah model,

Papers on Notch Signaling:
Alex Small and David Sprinzak suggest discussing the first 2 papers in the afternoon on Thursday or Friday of next week (September 3 or 4).
1) Review article from the Gerhardt group:
2) Recent experimental paper from the Gerhardt group:
3) Modeling paper from the Gerhardt group:
4) Modeling paper from Popel group:
5) Another experimental paper: See also the commentary:

Suggestion for journal club
Modeling embryogenesis and cancer: an approach based on an equilibrium between the
autostabilization of stochastic gene expression and the interdependence of cells for proliferation . Suggested by Arezki Boudaoud.