Morphodynamics Journal Club

Time: Tuesdays 12:30 pm (feel free to bring lunch)
Location: Small seminar room, KITP

Tuesday Sept 22nd: Active gels, discussion led by Guillaume Salbreux.
Generic theory of active gels

Monday Sept 14th: Tutorial on Solving Stochastic Simulation Algorithms, discussion led by Petros Koumoutsakos in the small seminar room.
Review Papers
No journal club on Tuesday.

Sept 8th:
Modeling embryogenesis and cancer: an approach based on an equilibrium between the
autostabilization of stochastic gene expression and the interdependence of cells for proliferation external image pdf.png Laforge04.pdf. Suggested by Arezki Boudaoud.

First discussion: Tuesday September 1st
  1. Turning a plant tissue into a living cell froth through isotropic growth, Corson et al. 2009:
  2. Damage and fluctuations induce loops in optimal transport networks.external image pdf.png leaf_transport_Katifori.pdf

We're looking for suggestions for papers. Please add your suggestion to the "Papers" page, with an additional note: "Suggested for Journal club by ———". Please include your name, so that we can talk to you about the paper you've suggested.